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Who Lost Egypt?

An excellent overview by former CIA agent Charles Faddis is at AND Magazine – Who Lost Egypt? Many of you may know this already, but it’s worth reviewing the history of the Muslim Brotherhood, poised to take control of the most populous Arab nation, even if the Obama Administration doesn’t.

To understand the implications of that for the United States and the world, we would do well to remember a little history. The Brotherhood is an overtly religious, that is to say Islamic, party. In the West, a party which calls for prayer to be allowed in schools or for a Nativity scene to be permitted in front of the court house may be branded as being threatening and reactionary. That is not what we mean when we say that the Brotherhood is “religious”.

The Brotherhood was founded in 1928 by an Egyptian schoolteacher and admirer of Adolf Hitler, Hasan al-Banna. The group was created in accordance with Banna’s belief that Islam should be granted “hegemony” in all matters of life. The Brotherhood was dedicated to the destruction of all non-Islamic governments wherever they existed and to making Islamic sharia law the basis for all jurisprudence everywhere on the planet. It gave birth in a very literal sense to Hamas and Al Qaeda.

There’s more at the link.