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Romney at Solyndra Photo Caption Contest

Today, Romney managed to stage a press conference in front of Solyndra’s former headquarters in Fremont, California.

It was a secretly planned appearance because Solyndra is now owned by YOU the taxpayer after a $535 million loss of your money.  Apparently the Romney campaign thought there was a chance that the President of the United States might have ordered  some REAL LIVE road blocks to keep this event from happening — thus the need for secrecy by Team Romney.

This means it’s time for another infamous Tatler Photo Caption Contest.

To start things off here is my entry:

“Glad you could attend the opening of my new California campaign headquarters,” Romney told the crowd.

Now, I fully expect all you brilliant PJM Tatler readers out there to unleash your creative juices and top that one.

So, start up that solar panel between your ears and post the funniest, most creative photo caption for Romney at Solyndra.

The winner will be recognized in a future Tatler post, and maybe we could throw in some of those unsold Solyndra solar panels as an extra incentive.