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Obama Tells Major Donors He May Have to 'Revisit' Health Care in Second Term

Bloomberg TV reports tonight that President Obama is telling high dollar donors that, if he wins a second term and the Supreme Court strikes ObamaCare down, that he may have to “revisit” health care reform. Three sources confirmed the president’s position to Bloomberg TV. The do-over position is at odds with Obama’s stump speeches, in which he either avoids ObamaCare altogether because of its unpopularity, or tells audiences that he is confident it will survive the court challenge. The president seems to have one private position for the 1% among his supporters, and another position for everyone else. SCOTUS is expected to rule on ObamaCare by the end of June.

The president and the Democrats had super majorities in both houses of Congress when they passed ObamaCare, and it still took them more than a year to pass it. Even if Obama wins a second term, Republicans are likely to hold the House and may capture the Senate. The likelihood of getting a partisan bill like ObamaCare 1.0 through a hostile Congress is virtually nil.