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Allen West Reports for NRCC Fundraising Duty

The National Republican Congressional Committee is deploying Rep. Allen West (R-Fla.) following a promise by the freshman congressman to stoke grass-roots momentum.

The NRCC sent out an email from “Col. Allen West” a few moments ago, subject line “Are you up to the challenge?”

“Last week the Speaker gave a presentation on where we stood right now in our efforts to defeat Obama. He said there is a possibility we could lose the House and Obama would once again be free to shove his reckless ideas down our throats,” the West email says.

“I stood up and said that I would take on the challenge of mobilizing 375,000 conservative supporters,” he continues. “Obama is storming across America activating his liberal base and raising record sums of money. Without your help I fear he will win re-election and make his European dreams reality for all Americans.”

West notes that the FEC deadline is at midnight today and vows that “a group of House Republicans” would match every donation made to the NRCC before then.