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Urban Outfitters Romney Campaign Tee: 'Mitt is the S--t'

Who says Mitt Romney hasn’t made it onto the hipster scene? Urban Outfitters included a pro-Romney T-shirt in its new collection of campaign tees. It may not appeal to the most conservative of the base, though: “Mitt is the s–t”

The site has a bigger selection for those who don’t quite want to let go: “Ron Paul is a Badass,” “Ron Paul & Drugs & Rock & Roll,” and this one:

There’s a Nixon shirt, one of JFK womanizing, and this one of Obama Tebowing on the Oval Office desk:

As far as the women’s vote, Obama is the only candidate available in the ladies’ section.

They also carry the standard Che T-shirt, handy for those OWS protest moments. The one Reagan T-shirt is currently on sale.