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TSA Pauses Crotch and Boob Grabbing Long Enough to Reach Around for Your Wallet

Abolish TSA.

The agency, backed by Democrats in the Senate, wants to increase the security fee everyone pays with a ticket from $2.50 a flight. to $5.00 per one-way ticket. A total of $10.00 would be added to round-trip tickets.

“$10 is kind of pushing it to a limit.  I mean I guess it’s only 5 dollars more, but I’m wondering, you know, how that fits in with-they already have a budget,” said passenger Moira Jeweler.

The TSA budget, like many in Washington, is set to be cut. The agency said boosting this fee would help cover the increase price of security like those costly scanners. The fee hasn’t been hiked in 10 years.

That might be because the agency has only been around for 10 years. Which, by the way, is 10 years too long. It should never have been formed as a federal agency. End it, don’t amend it.

By the way, notice which party is helping TSA to more of your money.