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Giuliani Goes Full-Tilt Alinsky on Obama Record

Former New York Mayor Rudy Giuliani tangled with Candy Crowley on CNN this morning about whether President Obama had qualifications to be president.

Singing the praises of Mitt Romney’s business and Olympics experience, Giuliani said “the reality is that President Obama can talk about his record as president if he wants to look at something where he theoretically thinks he succeed, but he doesn’t talk about his record as president.”

Crowley said she wasn’t sure if voters considered Obama unqualified.

“Well, what does qualify you to be president?” Giuliani said. “Does being a community activist for a Saul Alinsky group, and then a member of a state legislature for a few years and kind arriving in the senate and running for president on day one, does that qualify you to be president?”

“Qualifications get decided by the voters. I would take Romney’s background for an America that has to turn around its economy way over Obama’s background which has basically been a theoretical kind of background. Never had any kind of responsibilities. Never ran a military unit. Never ran a business.”

Giuliani followed up on a December statement he made to Piers Morgan about how Romney’s “personal connection” with voters was “missing.”

“I think it’s no secret that Governor Romney’s problem during the primary was that idea of making a personal connection. It shows in the polls. And I think he’s doing a much better job at it,” Giuliani said.

“And, frankly, my advice to him would be, be yourself. I mean, if, in fact, you are a somewhat formal person, that’s okay be a formal person … maybe the personal part won’t become as important.”