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Breaking: George P. Bush Blasts Dewhurst 'Amnesty' Attack Ad on Ted Cruz

George P. Bush has issued a statement regarding the radio ad airing in Texas that accuses Republican Senate candidate Ted Cruz of supporting amnesty for illegal aliens. Cruz has been consistent and clear that he does not support amnesty and never has. Bush slams the ad’s dishonesty.

“It’s very disappointing to see David Dewhurst resort to blatantly false attack ads charging that Ted Cruz supports amnesty. Ted has always categorically opposed amnesty. The only basis for Dewhurst’s fraudulent claim is that Ted serves on the ‘advisory board’ of a Hispanic civic organization that seeks to empower Hispanics economically by promoting entrepreneurship.

“When I first heard this false attack ad, I was offended not only as a Hispanic but as a Republican. We are a party of inclusion that welcomes the fastest growing demographic in our State that largely shares our conservative values of limited government, strengthening the family and supporting small business. This is the type of divisive racial politics used by President Obama and the Democrats. It has no place in the Republican party.”

The blowback from this ad could have a profound impact on the Senate GOP primary, which in all likelihood will determine who becomes Texas’ next senator. Dewhurst, Texas’ current lieutenant governor, leads in all of the polls, but has yet to top the 50% of the vote he would need to avoid a runoff in the nine-candidate race. Cruz has consistently stayed close in second place; a runoff would presumably include Dewhurst and Cruz. Early voting is ongoing, with the primary itself taking place on Tuesday May 29th. Voters going to the polls now through Tuesday are hearing both the ad, and the powerful pushback against it. George P. Bush’s decision to intervene at this stage will drive this story, which isn’t helping the Dewhurst campaign at all at this point, high up in media attention.

George P. Bush is the nephew of former President George W. Bush, son of former Florida Gov. Jeb Bush, and a resident of Texas.

Disclosure: I voted for Ted Cruz.