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Fast and Furious: Bumbling Concealment at DOJ

As Rep. Darrell Issa struggles to obtain Fast and Furious documents from Eric Holder’s Justice Department, so does PJ Media.  We made a Freedom of Information request of the DOJ regarding the curious collaboration about Fast and Furious between the Office of Public Affairs (OPA) and the Press Harpy Tracy Schmaler with various leftist blogs.  (Hint: George Soros pays their salaries.)

The original request clearly stated the particular component at DOJ where we sought documents.  The original request clearly deals with Criminal Division, ATF, or OPA issues.

So what do the crack FOIA officers at the DOJ do with our request?  Send it to the Civil Rights Division, where naturally we learn today that no records exist in the Civil Rights Division responsive to our request about Fast and Furious. 

Heck, I could have told you that.  That’s not what the Civil Rights Division does.

Lost: one month of time to report the story.  Gained by DOJ: one month of time with no story.  Lost: more of the reputation of the Justice Department as an honest, competent, law abiding agency.

You would think the DOJ would be particularly responsive to our FOIA requests considering that PJ Media sued Eric Holder in federal court to obtain documents DOJ wanted to conceal.  We eventually got them.

Today I renewed my request to DOJ.  We’ll see if this time DOJ complies with the law.