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Will.I.Am Attends Climate Change Talk in 'Hip.Hop.Copter'

Whether it’s Al Gore’s 10,000 square foot mansion that uses 20 times the energy of the average house, or Will.I.Am’s use of a private helicopter to get to a brief green meeting, the message from some elites to the rest of us couldn’t be clearer: Do as we say, not as we do. Delivered in cheezy autotune, in this case.

The Voice judge had been meeting climate change experts at Oxford University as part of a guest speaking role.

Despite his environmentally-conscious stance on green issues, the Black Eyed Peas rapper, 37, chose to take a private helicopter to the venue.

It is understood the journey, which is a 286 mile round-trip from London, used 71.5 gallons of fuel and released three-quarters of a ton of CO2 into the atmosphere.

He even tweeted pictures of the so-called “hip.hop.copter” for fans to admire, after landing at the Oxford’s University Parks.

From there, the singer used a pedal cycle to travel the remaining few hundred yards to the Radcliffe Observatory Weather Centre.

Well that that was good of him.

There, he told an audience: “Climate change should be the thing that we are all worried and concerned about as humans on this planet, how we affect the planet, our consumption, and how we treat the place that we live in.”

Or fly over. Whatever.

Will went from his hour-long summit to toss a few more emissions into the atmo carrying the Olympic torch.