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Occupy anarcho-fascists post own video of themselves destroying SF neighborhood

Three weeks ago I posted about a pre-May Day riot in San Francisco’s Mission District (“May Day violence starts early in SF as Occupy smashes up Mission District“).

Now, the Occupiers responsible for the mayhem have proudly posted to YouTube a video of their rampage, showing them attacking a police station, smashing business windows and car windshields, vandalizing everything in sight and terrorizing diners and passersby, as they chant “Occupy is under attack! What do we do? Stand up fight back!” and “The system has got to die. Hella hella Occupy!”

SFGate has some background details about the Occupy outburst:

In the video, protesters laugh and cheer as windows shatter and windshields are smashed. They move together in the middle of Valencia Street, chanting, “No more pigs in our community” and, “The system has got to die, hella hella Occupy” — a common chant among the Occupy Oakland movement.

About 100 protesters had split away at 9 p.m. from a rally in Dolores Park that was held in advance of Occupy’s May Day actions. Protesters caused hundreds of thousands of dollars in damage as they marched down 18th Street to Duboce Avenue and Valencia.

The amazing part? The San Francisco police were monitoring the whole thing, and followed behind the Occupy rioters in police vans, and yet did nothing to stop them, even after the mob attacked an officer inside a parked police car.

Occupy Wall Street’s mainstream defenders are trying desperately to distance themselves from the “Black Bloc” anarchists who by now have grown to become one of the largest, if not the largest, group comprising the Occupy movement. Without the anarchist Occupiers (such as the ones shown here) the movement would quickly disintegrate from lack of participants.

The problem for Occupy’s apologists is that this major sector of the movement has transformed into a fascist street gang, and have no intention of “toning things down.” Anyone who thinks that they are substantially different from the Brown Shirts terrorizing Munich in the early ’20s is fooling themselves. Heck the SA logo is even almost identical to the Black Bloc’s logo.

The video really speaks for itself.

Send it to anyone and everyone you know who still expresses sympathy for Occupy Wall Street or who has ever accused the Tea Party of being out of the mainstream:

It’s 11 minutes long, but worth every minute; it gets juicier as it progresses.