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WaPo, NYT Now Going After the Mormons

Who didn’t see this coming?

New York Times correspondent Jodi Kantor appeared on MSNBC this morning to discuss an investigative report she did on Mitt Romney’s Mormon church, his values and what his fellow worshipers say about him.

“What we were really looking at is the biographical influence of faith on Mitt Romney’s life,” Kantor explained.

While Kantor concedes “nobody thinks that as president he would sort of impose Mormon doctrine or rule with, you know, a Bible on his desk in the Oval Office and make decisions that way,” she investigated how he applies his religion to political and personal decisions.

Kantor says she found out that Romney like to pray “quite a lot” and “quite seriously” on both political and business decisions.


Ever been to Jerry Wright’s church out in Chicago, Jodi? I thought not.

The Washington Post wants some of that Mormon action too. Not content with attacking what Mitt Romney may or may not have done as a school boy, the Post now goes back a century to find something else to pin on Mitt.

The Mountain Meadows Massacre remains one of the darkest episodes in the history of Mormonism. The church has apologized for the incident, and Romney addressed it during his 2007 presidential campaign in response to a reporter’s question.

“That was a terrible, awful act carried out by members of my faith,” he told the Associated Press. “There are bad people in any church, and it’s true of members of my church, too.”

Just so we’re clear, the Post is bringing up an incident that I’d wager 95% of Americans have never heard of, and which happened about 100 years before Mitt Romney was even born, and wedging that incident into the presidential campaign to try to hurt him. How best to drive the point home? Call it “America’s first 9-11” because it happened on Sept 11, 1857.

So now, the Mormon family man and entrepreneur just may be the descendant of bloody-minded terrorists!


Yet not associated with terrorists, in the Post’s way of thinking: Unrepentant terrorist Bill Ayer’s bestest friend Barack. You can’t make this stuff up.

These mediots are just getting warmed up. Wait until they pop the Mormon church’s racial history out of the box.

Don’t worry. It’ll all show up in your kiddos’ classroom in a couple of days.

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