The PJ Tatler

Buzz Ballad: The Mosque Upon the Mount

For Yom Yerushalayim:


Mohammed rode the night horse, or so the Korans say

Mohammed rode the night horse to a mosque so far away

And his followers the Muslims, coming after his death, claim

That the mosque upon the Mount is the mosque the Koran names.


Never mind the mosque upon the Mount was never even there

At the time Mohammed—so they claim—took his ride in the air.

Never mind the mosque upon the Mount was built in later days—

Mere factual reality did ne’er a Muslim faze.


Broadcast on Al-jazeera, in the seething Arab street,

Are echoed calls to Muslims that they must not retreat

That they must not cede unto the Jews they hold of no account

Possession of the Mountain and the mosque upon the Mount.


The Muslims lost the mosque and lost the Mount on which it stands

A foolish choice was made then that it stay within their hands

And feverishly ever they work so as to erase

The record of the Temple there—which must take pride of place.


The world stands by complacent at the Mount destruction news—

When cared the nations for the holy places of the Jews?

But bad though the nations’ silence be, the silence that is worse

Is that of Jews who stand by as the destruction occurs.


Why should a people conquered justly through the force of arms

Be permitted to retain a symbol that does lasting harm?

Why should the conquered be allowed to rule the Temple Mount

And by this hold their conquerors to be of no account?


The mosque upon the Mount is beautiful, or so they say

But like the earlier Temple, it also may pass away—

The mosque was built to show who’d conquered many years ago;

The reason it was raised is also why it now must go.


O Jews, who claim Jerusalem is still your capital

How can you claim this when the Mountain still remains in thrall?

It is in thrall by your consent. Jerusalem will be

Your capital united when the Mount has been set free.