How Do You Say 'ObamaCare' in Spanish?

ObamaCare is as unpopular today as it was when the Democrats rammed it through Congress in 2010. Polls consistently find that a majority wants the law repealed in whole or in part.


Knowing that, the Obama campaign is loathe to tout its signature legislation or make it a prominent part of its campaign. In English, anyway. In its English advertising, Team Obama so far is sticking to “shiny thing of the week” distractions, attacking Romney for being a successful business man, and so forth. ObamaCare doesn’t rate a mention.

But in its Spanish advertising, the Obama campaign is speaking from a different script. An official Obama For America-Florida press release details the ads. Click to enlarge.

The email says:

The second set of ads highlight the President’s record on healthcare- a record that includes making affordable healthcare available to up to 9 million previously uninsured Hispanics by 2014, enabling 736,000 young Hispanics to stay on their parents’ health insurance plans, strengthening Medicare so that 1.2 million Hispanic beneficiaries can receive free preventive screenings and affordable prescription drugs, and making sure that millions of Hispanics will no longer be denied insurance or charged more for insurance because of their gender or pre-existing condition.


Not mentioned: ObamaCare’s abortifacient mandate has caused a serious riff with the Catholic Church. Some 32% of US Catholics are now Hispanic, and about 70% of US Hispanics are Catholic. Those stats plus the mandate present an opportunity for the GOP.

The ads will air in Florida, one of the major swing states in this election. But again, only in Spanish-speaking media. In English media, ObamaCare gets no play.

A Latino Decisions poll back in 2011 found that overall a majority of Hispanics support major aspects of ObamaCare, but that their support may be weakening as their economic conditions deteriorate and health care costs continue to rise after ObamaCare’s passage.



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