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Video: Non-Citizens, Dead People Vote in North Carolina...But Voter Fraud is a Myth

James O’Keefe does it again.

O’Keefe’s Project Veritas finds people who have claimed on jury selection forms that they are not US citizens, which gets them out of jury duty. But, they turn up and vote, and election workers don’t need them to bother with proving their eligibility. Or even their identity. Say your name, say the correct address, and you can vote.

It’s illegal to lie to get out of jury duty, and it’s illegal for non-citizens to vote in the vast majority of US elections*. These folks are committing crimes in one or the other of their actions.

After that section, O’Keefe introduces us to a North Carolina election judge who “mostly” supports the NC constitution. He’s also a political activist.

And in the third act, watch a UNC Chapel Hill professor laugh about voter fraud when speaking to a liberal, and denying voter fraud exists when speaking to a conservative. The prof fallaciously cites Eric Holder statements as evidence that voter fraud doesn’t exist, and says “show me a statistic, show me a study” suggesting that voter fraud exists.

Unasked question: If the media and intelligentsia won’t study voter fraud, how can anyone point to any study on the subject?

More at the Daily Caller.

*A few localities allow non-citizens to vote on local issues.

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