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Bill Maher: We Haven't Had a Better President Since Jimmy Carter

Former comedian Bill Maher appeared on the Conan O’Brien show tonight, and offered his opinions on a range of political subjects. He is anti-faith, pro-gay marriage, and in general, a huge fan of Barack Obama and arrogant beyond reason. It was a typical Maher performance, mostly political, predictable and not terribly funny.

Late in the show after Maher’s segment, musician Greg Allman appeared for an interview. Allman has been friends with former President Jimmy Carter since Carter was governor of Georgia. Allman was describing how he came to be invited for dinner in the Carter White House, when he said “Tell me a better president we’ve had since Carter.”

Most Americans would answer either “All of them,” or maybe “All but the current one.” Jimmy Carter is routinely judged harshly for his one-term presidency, which gave our political lexicon such endearing terms as “stagflation” and the ever popular “malaise.” Cardigan sweaters, killer rabbits, high unemployment, a national decline so steep the Russians could ski on it…the list of Carter failures is not a short one. In one typically brilliant move, President Carter fired nearly all of our overseas covert CIA assets, blinding us to threats and, in all likelihood, getting those former assets killed for trusting in the faith of the United States under Democratic leadership.

Instead of answering as the majority of Americans do answer the Carter question, O’Brien’s audience actually applauded for Allman, and Maher chimed in that he agreed. He further added “Never fired a shot. That’s real strength, that [Carter] never had to fire a shot.”

The Americans held hostage in Iran for 444 days during Carter’s presidency would probably disagree.