A Few of the 23 Million

Today, the Mitt Romney campaign released a sobering web video that puts the Obama economy front and center.


Millions of Americans are struggling under the Obama economy. Here are a few of their stories. … Hope and change has not been kind to millions of Americans, but they still believe in this great country, and deserve a leader who believes in them: Mitt Romney.


In tone, content and execution, the video is devastating to Barack Obama. He entered office promising hope, but under his leadership millions of Americans have given up looking for work at all. Participation in the labor force has hit a 30 year low. While the president slow jams the news, campaigns 24/7, palls around with George Clooney and drum up phony issues to divide and distract, millions of Americans are hurting due to Obama’s either — take your pick — incompetence, or intentional harm done to the economy.


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