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Obama: Wall Street is So Evil I'm Going There Today to Raise a Bunch of Money

On the same day the president came out hammering Romney’s ties to Wall Street…

President Barack Obama’s campaign took aim at Republican Mitt Romney’s private equity experience on the same day the president is raising money at the New York apartment of Blackstone Group LP President Tony James.

A television advertisement scheduled to run in five swing states features interviews with former workers at a Kansas City, Missouri, steel mill that was taken over in 1993 by Boston-based Bain Capital LLC, the private equity firm co-founded by Romney.

“Bain Capital was the majority owner. They were responsible,” said David Foster, who is identified in the ad as the lead negotiator for workers at GST Steel, which filed for bankruptcy in 2001.

Romney wasn’t at the company anymore, but I guess facts don’t mean much.

Obama’s appearance on Wall Street the same day he’s attack Romney’s ties to Wall Street point directly at something the press probably won’t want to dwell on: This campaign is a mess. They could have shifted the visit or the attack by one day and it would have made the hypocrisy a little bit less glaring. But evidently they didn’t think of that, and because they didn’t, they’re stepping all over their own message. Obama isn’t the only amateur in the Obama campaign.