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Newsweek Makes Obama Gay (Updated)

Married, father of two, boasts several real and composite girlfriends during his college days.

Nothin’ but beards?

No surprise that professional projectionist Andrew Sullivan wrote the tale. He saw a hero in Bush, until he didn’t, and turned on him viciously. Sullivan threw away support for the war — civilizational survival, as he has described when he supported the war — over the subject of gay marriage. Now Sullivan sees a daddy in Obama, because of the same issue. Sullivan is a one-issue, one-note scribe. His story is no surprise, and it’s no surprise that the world’s foremost researcher regarding the birth circumstances of Trig Palin gets front page, cover treatment on Newsweek, a magazine last valued at $1 — and overvalued at that. The cover and the magazine are perfect for each other.

There is, in short, nothing surprising about this story at all. The media is all in for Obama. Which they have been for more than four years. The Washington Post turned a dead man into a gay man to help Obama, why shouldn’t Newsweek turn a straight man into a gay man to help Obama?

Update: I guess Obama is the first gay socialist president.