The New Tone: Democrat James Carville Hopes to Torture and Murder Mitt Romney

Tuesday’s primary results seem to have gotten under Democrat strategist James Carville’s skin. He’s in panic mode today, writing on CNN to warn Democrats that they could lose everything this fall.


Late in the editorial, he turns to Mitt Romney. And then exhibits the restraint, love and tolerance he has become so famous for.

Why a man who knows he is running for president (who claims to know something about the American economy) would for any reason keep money in offshore accounts, I have no idea. And I know that we are going to take him out to the cornfield (like at the end of the movie “Casino”) on the Ryan budget.

Casino’s cornfield scene is one of the most violent, disturbing scenes ever put on the silver screen. I couldn’t find the complete scene online, but you can get a taste of its over-the-top violence in this clip. STRONG content warning.

Note the bloody corpse being tossed ignominiously into a dirty hole. That’s what Democrat strategist James Carville is metaphorically saying the Democrats will do to Romney this fall. Ted Nugent got a visit from the Secret Service over a far milder metaphor that he directed at himself.

Carville follows that up with metaphor about “hanging” Mitt Romney, so the Democrats don’t get hung themselves.

Don’t ya love the “new tone”?


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