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Scott Walker Outpolls the Democrat Recall Candidates, Combined

WI Gov. Scott Walker put up gaudy numbers in his recall primary Tuesday, racking up more votes than both of the Democrats, combined. The establishment Democrat and the Big Labor candidate garnered a combined vote total of 619,049. Walker earned 626,538 votes. Big Labor and the Wisconsin Democratic establishment tore each other apart in a bitter intramural fight, only to see Walker beat both candidates’ combined total votes in a primary that was a foregone conclusion on the Republican side. He won 97% of the vote in the GOP recall primary.

The recall is June 5th. The Wisconsin labor left is so fractured they had to cancel their post-primary unity rally. Now, the labor left will spend millions in what promises to be a close but futile effort to unseat Gov. Walker. The optics of the Democrats trying to get a do-over of Walker’s 2010 election, down to running the same candidate Walker defeated then, will not be lost on voters in Wisconsin or around the country. The labor left look like bitter clingers, which is what they are, and the recall now looks even more like the sore loser effort that it is. The optics of punishing a governor for having the audacity to fulfill his campaign promises won’t be lost either.