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The Most Appallingly Hypocritical Administration Ever? (Updates)

The First Couple: One is a smoker, the other isn’t what you’d call petite. Together, they lecture the rest of us on what we should eat.

The vice president, a Catholic who supports abortion on demand and now supports gay marriage. Both of those go against Catholic teachings. But he lectures Paul Ryan on the grounds that his budget violates Catholic doctrine.

The president who hired communists, palled around with terrorists and sat in the pews of a pastor who openly hates white people and America, says Romney should denounce some random woman for saying something “extreme.”

The president who has spent more money than all 43 presidents before him combined, tells the new French president not to do away with austerity.

These people have no standing to say any of what they say. Yet they say it all anyway. And we’re supposed to take them seriously.

More: David Axelrod, senior adviser of the president who calls for a “new tone” and “civility,” calls the Koch brothers “contract killers.”

Another one: The president who spent last week spiking the football over killing Osama bin Laden had a fallback plan to blame the military if anything went wrong.

These seem to be endless: Pro-choice White House requires parents to register their unborn children for White House tours. This same White House opposes requiring photo ID to vote, but try getting into it or any other major government facility in Washington without one.

And another: The president who sees government as the answer to everything, says he’s a better small government president than Reagan.