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Conservatives Have a New Star. Her Name is Bondi. Pam Bondi.

Move over Senator Marco Rubio!

Step aside Congressman Allen West!

Make room for another shining Republican star on the ascent in the Florida sky, Florida Attorney General Pam Bondi.


While it was Congressman Allen West who ended up making national headlines with his brief remarks this past Saturday in Ft. Lauderdale at the Broward County Republican Lincoln Day Dinner — with a message that, while fighting on the “ideological battlefield” for control of the nation’s political landscape conservatives “must be like sharks that smell blood in the water, you must attack,” — it was Attorney General Bondi’s speech that kept the packed ballroom audience spellbound.

Ms. Bondi was the opening speaker and for at least 30 minutes spoke with passion and eloquence about the many difficult battles confronting her office in a state as complex and crime-ridden as Florida.

Bondi regaled the audience with exciting tales of hunting down and closing illegal pill-mills and wrestling with the big bad EPA. She also railed against President Obama and his Justice Department, and then captured everyone’s attention with her eyewitness account from the front row of the mother of all Supreme Court battles, Obama Care, in which she is the lead attorney general.

This is a gift Bondi inherited  from the previous Florida attorney general, Bill McCollum, when she won the office in November 2010 (her first elected post) and continued Florida’s fight against Obama Care that could end up paying her huge national political dividends.


Attorney General Bondi, who is easy on the eyes and extremely articulate, is a regular guest and legal analyst on Fox News. For years now, her frequent appearances on Sean Hannity and Greta Van Susteren’s shows have been and will continue to be very helpful should she decide to seek even higher office.

This headline last December from a website in her hometown of Tampa summed it up quite well, “Attorney General Bondi’s Ascent Has Been Meteoric.”

So last Saturday night as Congressman Allen West was literally bidding farewell to Broward County, forced, because of re-districting to seek his second term further north in friendlier Republican territory, he went out strong, profusely thanking all the Republicans in the room who gave him his start in politics after his return from a tour of duty as an Army lieutenant colonel in Iraq.

This November, whether West wins or loses his new Congressional seat, there is no doubt he will continue to be a “general” leading the charge against liberalism and socialism, fighting for America in the national conservative army. However, it is doubtful that Allen West will ever hold the office of governor or senator.


But with Pam Bondi, the opposite is true. It would be very surprising if she does not win one or both of those titles down the road.

From her perch as attorney general — made even more high profile by Florida being the lead state in the ObamaCare fight — coupled with her regular appearances on Fox News, Pam Bondi, at age 47, is someone who conservatives need to watch carefully, and not just on cable.

This woman is impressive. I was there in the audience and the vibes she projected into that large ballroom were powerful enough to put her on a trajectory that might even propel her into the office with a distinctive oval shape.

In America, anything is possible.  The current occupant of that oval shaped office is certainly proof of that.

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