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SF May Day Occupier hurls bricks and iron bars at police, injures bystander—live video

The May Day protests by OccupySF came to a violent conclusion when one of the Occupiers went berserk and started attacking police with bricks, chunks of concrete and then later iron bars, throwing them from the roof of an “occupied” building at the cops below.

Horrifyingly, his aim was off, so instead of hitting the police, he hit a random bystander, who began to bleed profusely. One inch to the right or left, and that brick could have easily killed the victim.

We have three videos of the incident.

KPIX Channel 5 by chance recorded the exact moment of the assault:

Next, someone in the crowd captured the victim getting hit by the Occupier’s projectile:

And finally, KTVU captured exclusive video of either the same Occupier, or possibly another one (they were all dressed in black and wearing masks, so it was hard to tell), hurling even more dangerous iron bars at police from a nearby rooftop:

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This kind of criminal behavior is simply outrageous. Considering what can happen to the human skull when hit by a brick or an iron bar thrown from a rooftop, this assault could easily be classified as attempted murder.

Luckily, the police captured the perpertrator (the first one, at least). Needless to say, an Occupy spokesman immediately distanced the movement from the assailant’s actions, even though:

– He was part of the Occupy protests
– He was one of group of Occupiers who stormed and took over the building from which he throw the objects
– He was dressed like the other Occupiers
– He was targeting the police squad who were following the Occupy protest.

If he wasn’t one of the Occupiers, then he was doing a very good job of imitating one.

The building where this assault occurred (888 Turk), by the way, is the exact same building that OccupySF had seized during their previous “direct action,” as documented at the Fund47 blog. They briefly occupied it again on May Day.

(Hat tip: John, at City Square blog.)