The PJ Tatler

Overheard in Afghanistan

“Listen, Hamid…. Is the mic off?… Okay… Where was I? Oh, yes. Hamid, here’s the thing – we’re both in a little trouble. Have you seen the polls? That Romney guy is running neck and neck with me. No telling what will happen. Either you deal with me now or you deal with him later. And I don’t think you want do that. He’s a Mormon, you know. And they have more wives than the Taliban… Okay, just kidding. But have you heard the things he said about Iran? A little over the top if you ask me. I don’t’ think he’ll make as nice with you. He might look into all your Swiss accounts. And the Cayman. He’s a business guy and knows how to read spreadsheets better than either of us… Are you sure the mic is off?… Okay… So do we have a deal? Great…. No, I’m not interested in any of that poppy stuff. That’s was for college… Okay, gentlemen, Mr. Karzai and I are ready to talk. Roll cameras.”