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Democrat Indicted for In-Person Voter Impersonation in TX

The very bad week for vote fraud deniers has grown worse.  First, True the Vote had their sold out national summit of activists from 32 states where former Congressman Artur Davis said “photo voter ID is not a billy club, it is not a fire hose.”  The former Voter ID opponent is now a proponent.  Nothing destroys a lie like someone who once believed in the lie.

And second, today we learn of an indictment of a Democratic Party official for conducting in-person voter impersonation fraud.  The very thing a cackle of government funded left wing professors and Soros funded groups like Project Vote say doesn’t exists, actually exists.  The Fort Worth Star-Telegram:

A Democratic precinct chairwoman candidate has been indicted on suspicion of conspiring to arrange an illegal vote last year.

Hazel Woodard James, 40, is accused of arranging for her son — who was not a registered voter — to vote on behalf of his father. The incident reportedly came to light when the father showed up later in the day to vote in the same precinct, 1211, for which James is now running to be chairwoman.

This is precisely the crime Voter ID would stop.

So cue the voter fraud deniers to peddle the lie this indictment is one rare stupid case.  But it is like finding a single cockroach in your kitchen.  When you detect one, be assured that lurking in the shadows are dozens or more undetected problems.