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#TrueTheVote: What's an Election Security Summit Without a Leftist Protest?

I’ve waltzed across Texas today to attend the True the Vote National Summit in Houston. The sold-out summit’s purpose is to promote, discuss and work on securing our elections. Voter ID is one element of election security, but it’s not the only one.

Despite the fact that fully 70% of Americans across all backgrounds support voter ID, the summit has attracted an anti-voter ID protest outside. Not much of a protest, but a protest, as several dozen people stand around holding signs in front of the summit’s hotel, next to the interstate.

The protest has shown enough of a threat that Houston police are here in force, and they’ve brought the horses.

Getting a little closer up, let’s see what’s on those protest signs.

I’m not sure how securing the vote so that all legitimate votes count the same could possibly constitute “taking America back,” or silencing anyone who ought to be casting a vote, but there it is.

This year’s summit promises to be a bit more interesting than the outdoor action. On the way in, I ran into James O’Keefe, Quin Hillyer, Hans von Spakovsky and Christian Adams. We’ll hear more from three of that quartet as featured speakers tonight and tomorrow.

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