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Liberal Activist: Aren't All Hispanics Immigrants?

The WSJ liveblogged today’s Supreme Court action in the Arizona immigration law case. It sounds like the Obama administration had another bad day in court. But at least an activist claiming to be the personification of America’s Voice was on hand to provide some comic relief:

  • Frank Sharry runs America’s Voice, a group that opposes the law. He told a small rally that the case wasn’t about the technicalities of Constitutional law.

    “It’s a big day for civil rights in this country,” he said. If the court were to uphold the law, “it would be nothing short than a historic decision that would legalize discrimination and harassment.”

  • Then Mr. Sharry said he hoped the the court’s first Latina justice will help the rest of the court understand the immigrant experience.

    “I’m looking foreword to the discussion between the Supreme Court justices when Justice Sonia Sotomayor says to the white boys around the table: ‘this is what it’s like on the street’ ” he said.

“White boys around the table…that’s what it’s like on the street…” How many false racial stereotypes can Mr. Sherry operate from at the same time? Justice Sotomayor may be a “wise Latina,” but an immigrant, she is not. She’s Puerto Rican. PR is a US territory, has been for over a hundred years, and Puerto Ricans are American citizens. Sotomayor grew up in the Bronx anyway.

Some people just cannot see past their prejudices.