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It's On: Romney Campaign Takes on Fisker Over Federal Loans

Stick with me to the end on this, and if you’re worried that Mitt Romney’s campaign will be too weak to take on Obama’s you’ll leave happy. Well, unless you’re an Obama fan.

On Wednesday, Romney spokesman Ryan Williams ripped Obama over government backed loans to so-called green companies, singling out Fisker.

“President Obama’s failed investments in companies like Solyndra, Fisker and Ener1 are a constant reminder to the American people that this president does not understand how the economy works, does not understand the appropriate role for government and does not have any ideas to get America working again,” Romney spokesman Ryan Williams said Wednesday.

Fisker is the car company that got one of the rushed DoE loans, only have its hideously expensive electric Karma die on the driveway when Consumer Reports tried to road test it. Fisker is laying people off left and right and faces the prospect of bankruptcy.

Fisker was not happy to get called out by the Romney camp, at all.

But Ray Lane, the former Oracle executive who chairs Fisker’s board, took exception after a Romney spokesman said the Fisker loan was an example like the bankrupt solar panel maker Solyndra of a failed investment by President Barack Obama. In an email to The News Journal in Wilmington, Del., Lane said Romney’s political attacks had kept the Energy Department from striking a new deal with Fisker: “Irony is Romney doesn’t understand he’s the problem and he’s lumping a company that did $100m in q1 with a company that’s bankrupt.”

This is the part where one might expect the Romney camp to wobble. But there was to be no wobbling on this day. Instead, Williams fired back a match-winning tweet today:

Well played.