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SpaceX Head Obama Bundler?

Space Shuttle Discovery sailed off into the sunset and the United States for the first time in a half century has no proven ability to put men into space.  Thank President Obama.  Or maybe, thank SpaceX founder Elon Musk. (See Rand Simberg’s very different take on things.)  SpaceX is getting federal dollars that NASA would otherwise use.

Yesterday I saw tens of thousands of Americans waiting to see Space Shuttle Discovery’s final flight.  They weren’t watching because they hated the Shuttle program.  They were watching because they loved it.  They recognize that the Shuttle was a tangible asset representing America’s greatness, something that no other country could produce.  So far, SpaceX has managed to put a wheel of cheese into space.  Let’s hope they can do more, and soon.

While NASA dollars have moved into the pockets of SpaceX, we now know that Elon Musk is an Obama bundler.  Yesterday I had a conversation with a Congressman who revealed to me that Musk is a big Obama friend and bundler.   Musk has been skimming federal largess in more than just his space enterprises.  He’s also skimming tax dollars for his car company, Tesla.

We’ll be watching SpaceX very closely to see if it becomes Space Solyndra, another big expensive failure for Obama friends.