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Winner of the Obama Image On The Flag Photo Caption Contest

The panel of distinguished and infamous judges emerging from their 60’s era fallout shelter (after seeking shelter from Obama’s Organizing for America super troopers) is now ready to announce the winners of the

Obama Image On The American Flag Photo Caption Contest.

This was our most popular photo caption contest to date with well over 100 entries.

Thanks to all who entered proving once again that PJM readers are an extremely creative, humorous and passionate bunch, making the panel’s decision most difficult and fun.

Drum roll….

First place submitted by cfbleachers:

One Nation, Under Guard, Quite Divisible

Second place submitted by RW

The Star Mangled Banner

Third place submitted by Anonymous:

For the 2nd time in her life, my wife is proud of her country.

Here are some honorable mentions:

Tzars and stripes

submitted by uh3t90y9ughgvu

Quick way to get the pledge of allegiance back in the schools

submitted by primarycolor

Screw the states; I’m the only star in America

submitted by Rich Williams

In FLAGrante delicto

submitted by Essgee

(For the Latin challenged: In flagrante delicto is a Latin phrase referring to someone being caught during the act of a crime or sexual act.)

“THE Star, and stripes forever!”

submitted by the Harvard Yard Conservative

(But could the submitter’s name be a hint he/she actually believes this caption?)


submitted by Svinrod

The final honorable mention goes to a friend who submitted an entry via my personal email:

The twilight’s last gleaming?

Yup, if Obama is reelected that photo caption entry might be quite prescient.