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Is A Romney Senior Advisor Hinting About Romney’s VP Choice?

Ed Gillespie, who has recently taken on the role of Senior Adviser to the Romney campaign, had, what I thought was an interesting interview with the Washington Post’s Jennifer Rubin that could have bearing on Romney’s VP choice.

Rubin reports that Gillespie’s “experience in helping Virginia Gov. Bob McDonnell win in a landslide may be more useful than he ever imagined.”

Gillespie told Rubin, “Bob McDonnell showed that a principled conservative can win big in a swing state, and he did it by talking about not only the features of conservative policies but the benefits. In other words, he didn’t just talk about keeping taxes low, he said that would help create jobs and enable people to decide for themselves how best to spend their hard earned money. We called it ‘finishing the sentence,’ and there is a valuable lesson in Gov. McDonnell’s success.”

Now that guessing Romney’s VP choice is all the rage, is Gillespie hinting that Bob McDonnell and his approach to winning a swing state could be an asset to Romney on the ticket?

To be honest, I have a semi-vested interest in Romney’s VP selection.

Back in November 2011, I wrote a piece with the title, A Romney/McDonnell 2012 Presidential Ticket Is (Practically) a Done Deal. In it, I mention all the reasons why Governor McDonnell would make a great running-mate for Romney.

Months later all those reasons still stand. Among them are that Virginia is an important swing state that Romney must win and Governor McDonnell is a popular conservative who could help Romney with the base.

Undoubtedly, with Gillespie on-board the Romney inner circle, he will play a role in the selection process and perhaps make the case that McDonnell should be tapped.

Watch this space.