Winner Of Obama And The Bunny Photo Caption Contest

Thanks to all who participated in this photo caption contest.    The entries were hilarious.

An impartial judge was brought in to pick the winners (aka The Husband) and he picked:


First Place submitted by Deadman

One is a made-up character with big ears, whom only very young children and fools think is real… and the other is the Easter Bunny.

Second Place submitted by Dr. Bob

“Is he weally gonna force me to buy contwaceptives”  (love the spelling Dr. Bob)

Third Place submitted by ECM

Humans Against Rabbit Exploitation–my new signature program–will bring about the end of Easter-based discrimination for all rabbits, hares, and small, over-fecund, rodents across the country. No longer will they be marginalized as mere egg-and-candy delivery persons, but will be treated as all rabbits should be–with dignity, respect, and allow them to escape the stereotypical shadows in which they are forced to dwell.

PJM readers and commentators, you are the best!






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