MSNBC Finds Everything on Leftwing Daily Kos Blog Too Good to Check

This also doesn’t need much by way of comment. Just enjoy it.

Kos ran a satirical piece.

MSNBC, the “news” organization, announced it as actual news.


This isn’t the first time Roberts and the show’s staff have fallen victim to less-than-factual information put out in the liberal blogosphere. Last December, Roberts relied on a blog post from the “progressive site” Americablog to tie a campaign ad for former Massachusetts Governor Mitt Romney to the Ku Klux Klan. Roberts later apologized for the error.


Use of the word “error” here and in the deceptive edit of the Zimmerman call is erroneous. These aren’t errors. Both are evidence of overt bias. Roberts and the producers who work with him would never take anything posted here or any other conservative site and run with it. The editors who made an internal edit of the audio of the Zimmerman call have to have done that deliberately. They set edit in and out points, they lopped out the sound that got in the way of their narrative, they saved the file that way, and then others approved that sound for air. NBC’s apology was itself dishonest.

These are not errors. They’re lies told to serve a purpose.


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