British Nationalized Health Docs Ban Elderly Patient Over Her 'Carbon Footprint'

This doesn’t need a lot of commentary.

Avril Mulcahy, 83, was told to address the “green travelling issues” over her journeys from her home in Westcliff-on-Sea, Essex, to the West Road Surgery. The surgery wrote to Mrs Mulcahy, telling her to register with a new GP within 28 days.


The letter said: “Our greatest concern is for your health and convenience but also taking into consideration green travelling issues. Re: Carbon footprints and winter weather conditions, we feel it would be advisable for patients to register at surgeries nearer to where they live.

“We would be very grateful if you could make the necessary arrangements to re-register at another practice.”

Mrs Mulcahy, a grandmother, believes the decision was made because she complained about a doctor.

She lives one mile from the doctor’s office. Take our TSA, give it police powers and the fine manners of the DMV. That’s pretty much our future if ObamaCare stands and we go the inevitable route, eventually, of single payer.


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