CNN Attacks Chuck Colson While He Recovers From Brain Surgery

If you want to see an example of how the mainstream media treats figures that liberals dislike, take a look at this story on CNN.

Nice lead sentence, tying two very negative images together — “convict” and “evangelist” — before even getting to the story.


Dr. Colson was convicted and served his time, and is a changed man from his Nixon days. He has spent the decades since 1974 as one of the country’s most accomplished authors and ministers. In particular, Colson has ministered to inmates in our prison systems, people that hardly anything thinks about or cares about, and impacted thousands of lives for the better through that ministry as well as his radio shows and books. CNN could have spent the bulk of its article discussing the ministries Colson leads and all of the other good he has done. Or even, discussing his health. But it chose to focus on Watergate.

When CNN reports on Jesse Jackson, does it spend the bulk of its report detailing his shakedowns or mentioning his illegitimate child? When CNN reports on Al Sharpton, does Freddy’s Fashion Mart get a paragraph or two?

CNN doesn’t even mention by name the conference Colson was attending when he fell ill. He was at the Wilberforce Weekend, which is named after anti-slavery pioneer William Wilberforce. CNN didn’t want to let current positive facts get in the way of an old negative story.

Colson, by the way, could use our prayers.


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