Van Jones Makes Racist, Homophobic Comment About His Former Boss

That boss is Barack Obama; Jones was the “green jobs” czar who didn’t actually create any green jobs before he was outed as a communist and 9-11 Truther and had to quit ahead of getting the boot. I include those points about why he left the Obama regime because the MSM hardly ever does. They take him on shows as a guest and pretend he is a mainstream figure, when he is not. He is a kook. But he is a kook whose background and such were known to Obama, who hired him and kept him outside the Senate’s advise and consent role.


Here’s the former red green czar’s comment:

“I think if President Obama came out as gay, he wouldn’t lose the black vote,” a cheerful Van Jones told MSNBC this afternoon.

“President Obama is not going to lose the black vote no matter what he does,” he added.

Jones packed a lot of interesting things in that brief comment. Why is it impossible for Obama to lose the black vote? Why did he single out Obama coming out as gay, as something extreme, but yet not enough to lose him the black vote?

What exactly is Van Jones trying to say? It sounds like he’s accusing millions of black voters of two kinds of bigotry. Funny, how no one on the set with him called him out.


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