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The Today Show With Sarah Palin - Every Day Would Be Too Much

As I was reading Bryan Preston’s piece, Sarah Palin Guest Hosts Today, Probably Not For The Last TimeI remembered a piece I wrote back in September of 2010 entitled, Why Palin Should Run For Oprah’s Couch Instead of Obama’s Chair in 2012.

Now, I admit my piece was somewhat snarky and a little humorous (depending on your opinion of Sarah Palin) and please note that a great many of the 212 comments took me to the woodshed for even thinking that Palin would eventually host a talk show instead running for president in 2012.

So, am I vindicated today?

Will Sarah Palin land a new gig on a “lamestream” media signature show? Will she be hired to greet millions of coffee-drinking Americans, discussing the latest pop-culture fad or chatting it up with the celebrity du jour?

Keep in mind, NBC is the same parent network that employs Al Sharpton and Rachel Maddow.  (Bound to make Sarah Palin’s presence at company Christmas parties most interesting.)

After briefly watching Palin’s appearance this morning, (I never watch the Today Show, so at least they gained one new viewer), I suspect on a regular basis she would attract an audience comprised of those who already like her, while turning off those who do not.  But overall, I do not believe her personality is suited for early mornings on a daily basis.

My prediction is Sarah Palin will continue to be a polarizing presence no matter what time of day she is on television.

She still has loads of star-power but that power is made even more powerful when disbursed in smaller doses. The sheer force of her power, exposed daily, would be more like a shooting star — the light shines bright and then burns out.