Congressman Gives $218,274 Back to Treasury

A Colorado congressman said he is trying to “lead by example” by returning $218,274 in unused office budget funds to the government.

Freshman Rep. Cory Gardner (R) has supported the effort by members of the 112th Congress to cut its member and committee office budgets by more than 10 percent.


Thus, he’s taking his office’s excess and handing it back to the Treasury.

“With a debt of more than $15 trillion, it is important to look for cost-cutting solutions throughout the federal government, and members of Congress are no exception,” Gardner said today. “We must lead by example and show the American people that we are serious about controlling our debt and balancing the budget.”

“After over a year of accomplishing more with less, I am pleased to return these funds as a step in reducing the debt burden on future generations,” he added.


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