Is the President Doing Any Actual Work Today?

It doesn’t look like it. In an email titled “I’ve Got Seoul” to note the president’s trip to South Korea (where he promised something to the Russians), the White House releases this schedule for the president:


The same email notes that the vice president’s wife has been touring community colleges, the vice president is holding a forum on college affordability (maybe he’s going to work on his degree and needs help?) and a pharmacist is going to talk about ObamaCare and pills. But for the president, his entire day is not spent doing the people’s business, it’s being spent doing campaign business — four campaign events today alone, at which he’ll deliver the same speech, shake a few hands, collect some checks, and move on to the next stop.

I realize that it’s Friday in springtime, but is it too much to ask the president to put in a couple hours at his day job?


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