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Media Still Stuck On the Old Narrative Regarding George Zimmerman

UPI needs to try to keep up.

Authorities told the newspaper much of Zimmerman’s account has been corroborated by witnesses.

Zimmerman, who is white, had told a 911 dispatcher he was following the black teen because he looked suspicious. “We don’t need you to do that,” the dispatcher said.

ABC News said Martin’s girlfriend said in a recording it obtained that she heard him ask Zimmerman, “‘Why are your following me,’ and then the man asked, ‘What are you doing around here?'” She said she heard the two scuffle before the line went dead.

The UPI story is posted at WTAM-Cleveland’s website. With two photos of Zimmerman widely available on the Internet, guess which one they chose to run with.

To help the UPI and WTAM catch up to the rest of us, Zimmerman’s father is white, his mother is Peruvian, making him Hispanic, at least if we’re to go by the Obama standard of lending dominance to one’s minority half. And there is a better photo of him out there to use, if they’re interested.

h/t Patrick