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Gingrich Floats Idea of Having a the RNC Convention

Further evidence that Newt Gingrich is a bit too fond of his internal idea factory?

“We’ll basically have a national, electronic convention.

I can imagine a circumstance, for example, where they suspended the keynote address on the first night and actually had a presidential debate in front of the delegates of the candidates.”

Video at the link. This is an idea that can only serve Newt Gingrich, at the likely expense of every other candidate and the GOP itself.

Imagine, if you will, a debate at the convention that results in a “win” for the man who is currently running in third or fourth place in most of the actual votes, because he is a fabulous debater but a terrible campaign manager and has no path to victory via the route already established. Further imagine, that the debate produces a crate full of unhelpful soundbites, as the moment is such a last-gasp chance for all the candidates that three of them take risks to score a win at the campaign’s buzzer while the man in the delegate lead does the sensible thing and tries to run out the clock . The image left would be of three Republicans candidates ganging up on the Republican nominee and pointing out all of his flaws, as he heads out of the convention and into the general. The convention that was supposed to unify the party, instead deeply divides it.

It’s a stupid idea, is what I’m saying. Very stupid. It’s time for Newt to hang it up and go back to being a Beltway bandit.

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