Sandra Fluke May Become the Democrats’ Catch 22

I have written 3 articles about the Sandra Fluke mêlée, and I’ve done it for a reason: she is the Democratic Party’s poster child for the No Morals Movement in America.  I know that some people will object to my assessment, but I’m giving you my opinion based on the available evidence.  If you have another perspective, that’s fine, but I hope you have some evidence to support your conclusions.


The first article is titled “Sandra Fluke has become the Poster Child for the No Morals Movement.”  The title is self-explanatory, and the article lays out my case.  The second article is titled “Sandra Fluke and the Democrats’ Sleight-of-Hand.”  From the available evidence, it looks as though liberal Democrats have manufactured a brouhaha, and they have used Sandra Fluke to put a face on an issue that is dear to their hearts: a woman’s right to engage in sex when, where, and as often as she pleases at public expense and without “penalty” of any sort including pregnancy.  The third article is titled “Do Democrats Want the Fluke Uproar to Continue?”  The answer to that question is “yes,” and they are doing everything they can to keep the issue alive.

As I have said before, this issue isn’t about Rush Limbaugh.  Liberal Democrats have positioned him as the fall guy.  To them, he’s the face of the conservative movement and the Republican Party, and they hope to reverse the tide sweeping this country in favor of governing principles that actually make sense.  They aim to accomplish their mission before the November election because that’s when voters will let it be known where we stand as a nation on a broad range of issues.

If Democrats lose the White House, they are in serious trouble.  If they lose the Senate and the White House, legislators with good ideas will finally be able to begin the process of solving our nation’s problems.  If the GOP retains control in the House and Democrats lose the Senate and the White House, we can accomplish things that many people today think are only pipe dreams: things like gas for $2 a gallon, rapid movement toward a balanced budget, energy independence, a healthcare program that makes sense, and the long-awaited and much needed Social Security fix.  That’s why Democrats are pulling out all the stops.  They don’t want the United States to remain the beacon of hope in the world.  They prefer to see our country reduced to the lowest common denominator among nations, and they envision European-style socialism as the right model for the U.S.


That’s the backdrop for the Fluke controversy.  Her appearance on the scene wasn’t accidental; she is not a victim; and she most certainly is not a shining example of womanhood and femininity.  Sandra Fluke is at worst a willing accomplice and at best an unwitting prop in the Democratic Party’s campaign to savage the America that we know and love.

Since Fluke has been portrayed by Democrats as an intelligent woman with a bright professional future and as the target of unfair political attacks from conservatives, specifically Rush Limbaugh, we need to examine the evidence supporting those assertions.  When we do, we will discover that she is neither particularly bright nor is she terribly concerned about women in general being attacked for political reasons.

The first piece of evidence came to light on Tuesday when Fluke told that she was unaware that a Target store located just 3 miles from Georgetown University Law School sells birth control pills for $9 a month.  That fact indicates that Fluke isn’t particularly diligent or exceptionally bright.  Anyone who spends $1,000 a year on birth control, as Fluke says she does, when she could accomplish the same thing for just $108 a year either has so much money that cost is no object or she isn’t doing her homework.  In either case, the facts don’t bode well for a woman who fancies herself a professional with a bright future unless, of course, she intends to run for public office as a Democrat.

Another piece of evidence came to light on Tuesday as well.  Speaking at an event at the U.S. Capitol celebrating women’s history month, Fluke “condemned ‘conservative commentators’ for trying to silence women by using ‘sexist rhetoric,’ and added that ‘that kind of treatment of women will not be tolerated.’”  Following her speech, Fluke gave an interview to a reporter during which she said that she had no comment on “particular labels that have been applied to particular women.”


That answer was in response to a direct question about some of the filthy things that Bill Maher has said about Sarah Palin, Michele Bachmann, and Bristol Palin.  It seems as though Fluke is more concerned about left leaning, immoral women being attacked by the likes of Rush Limbaugh for promiscuous sexual behavior than she is about women on the right side of the political spectrum being assaulted by trash mouthed comedians like Bill Maher.  If that’s true, then she has a difficult time distinguishing between right and wrong—another good sign that she has a future in politics as a Democrat.

Whatever the case may be, this much is certain: Sandra Fluke was no accident.  She was paraded into the limelight by Democrats with great fanfare to attack men who hold conservative views, particularly Republican men, and hopefully to drive a wedge between women and GOP candidates for public office.  Will they succeed?  Time will tell, but I have my doubts.  Despite what Democrats must think, women in general are very good at assessing the character of members of their own sex.  I suspect that Democrats may rue the day when they decided to make Sandra Fluke their cause célèbre.  She represents issues that may become the Democrats’ ultimate Catch 22, because their positions on those issues are based on inherently illogical assumptions that are not shared by the vast majority of Americans.

Neil Snyder is a chaired professor emeritus at the University of Virginia.  His blog,, is posted daily.



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