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Graham: Big 'Effing' Deal Now a Big 'Effing' Mess

The White House may not be marking the second anniversary of President Obama’s healthcare reform law with much fanfare, but one senator made sure to revive Vice President Joe Biden’s famous characterization of ObamaCare.

“Two years ago at the Obama health care bill signing the Vice President was overheard telling President Obama, ‘This is a big ‘effing’ deal,’” Sen. Lindsey Graham (R-S.C.) said. “Unfortunately for them, two years later, the vast majority of Americans believe this has become a big ‘effing’ mess.”

Graham continued the “broken promises” theme of congressional Republicans in marking the law’s birthday. He noted the new Congressional Budget Office projections about the cost of the law, rising healthcare premiums, selective waivers issued by the administration, and projected job losses due to the law.

“I’ve met with thousands of South Carolina business owners and job creators in the two years since this was passed into law,” said Graham. “I’m still waiting for the first business owner to come tell me Obamacare has helped them create jobs.  It just hasn’t happened.”

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