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Rush Limbaugh is Doing Just Fine

Media Matters is going after game that is bigger than their biggest gun. The other day, when I briefly left my lair to pick up a few of these, I tuned into the Rush Limbaugh show to see if he still had sponsors or if his ad blocks consisted of nothing but stuff from the Ad Council. Turns out, he was on fire as usual, pondering why Oprah Winfrey didn’t just follow Barack Obama’s example and pour more money after bad to keep Rosie O’Donnell’s show in her OWN network. That is what Obama would do, isn’t it.

As far as ads went, everything sounded normal to me. The show sounded as strong as ever. I heard a mix of ads that were obviously national, and some that were obviously local. No PSAs or Ad Council stuff. Texas Senate candidate Ted Cruz has an ad running in the show, not this one but a very good one. Cruz’s campaign, by the way, is currently running a money bomb.

Regarding Media Matters, it’s no great secret why they’re going after Rush. He’s successful, and they’re not.