Egypt's Top Presidential Candidate: 'Sharia Must be Applied'

Yesterday at a conference, Dr. Abd al-Mun’im Abu al-Futuh—the most popular presidential candidate in Egypt and a leading Muslim Brotherhood figure—declared that “Islam must be upheld and Sharia must be applied; nor shall we permit the methods of the former regime—imprisoning our sons simply because they are committed to religion [Islam] and because they go and pray at mosques—to ever return again.”

Dr. Abd al-Munim Abu al-Futuh: Egyptian presidential hopeful.

To the average Western reader, this smacks of religious freedom—until one realizes why the former regime, and all secular Arab regimes, are wary of those Muslims “committed to religion,” who “pray at mosques”: the more zealous they are of Islam’s teachings, the more likely they are to espouse violence, even terror (under the banner of “jihad”), the more likely they are to target anyone and everyone who stands in their way, including the “near enemy” (the state, if it is secular), the “far enemy” (the Western infidel), and everyone in between (“dhimmi” minorities such as Egypt’s Christian Copts).


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