Montana Congressman Wants to Take Right to Bear Arms Week National

Fresh off celebrating his home state’s “Right to Keep and Bear Arms Week,” Montana’s congressman now wants to take the occasion to a national scale.


Rep. Denny Rehberg (R) introduced a resolution earlier this month in the House that “encourages the designation of a National Right to Keep and Bear Arms Week.”

It also “encourages the people of the United States to observe and celebrate National Right to Keep and Bear Arms Week by attending rallies in support of the Second Amendment, participating in shooting events, purchasing firearms and ammunition, conducting or attending training about safe firearm use, contacting elected officials to encourage respect for the Second Amendment, and all other lawful ways.”

The resolution, which has no co-sponsors, was referred to the Oversight and Government Reform Committee.

“When it comes to making Washington look more like Montana, one of the most important ways is the fundamental respect for individual liberty, “ said Rehberg.

“Unfortunately, there are some folks in powerful places back in Washington who don’t think the right to keep and bear arms is something we should be protecting,” he continued. “They’re working behind closed doors to find ways to restrict those rights and take away our guns. This resolution is a great way to spread the message loud and clear that as long as I’m around, your Second Amendment rights will be protected.”


Rehberg asked for his constituents’ opinions last week to mark Montana’s gun-rights recognition, and said with nearly 4,500 responses 97 percent support the Second Amendment.

“I also agree with Montanans who see the next salvo of attacks coming from activist anti-gun judges,” Rehberg said. “That’s why more than three out of four survey responses said they didn’t support President Obama’s anti-gun nominees to the Supreme Court.”


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