Fascist Chic at Vogue: Asma al-Assad Backs Hubby

The gang at Condé Nast must be cringing at the release of the lovey-dovey his and her emails of the bloodthirsty Assads. In recently revealed emails, the oh-so-chic (at least according to Vogue) Asma claims to be the real “dictator” in the Assad home and even makes jokes about Homs, where civilians are being shelled by her husband. Making Marie Antoinette look like a piker, she spends her time shopping online, evidently under various pseudonyms, while the people of her country are murdered.


Now as many will recall, Asma was the subject of a fawning interview in Condé Nast’s Vogue last March entitled “A Rose in the Desert.”

Oops, you may have noticed you get a 404 “page not found” at the link, replete with a Vogue model no less. That’s because the magazine has scrubbed the article.

If you’re looking for it, it’s here, thanks to The Atlantic. The Atlantic also has a damning article on how Vogue tried to stand by the story. This is more than Radical Chic. It’s Fascist Chic!

These days that seems worse than pathetic. It’s horrifying and disgusting. No copy of Vogue is going to darken our house again. How about yours?


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