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Republican vs Democrat Support of Israel

The Republican Jewish Coalition just released this report on the growing gap between Democrats and Republicans regarding support for Israel:

Gallup, in a poll released recently, asked American voters, “Are your sympathies more with the Israelis or more with the Palestinians?” An overwhelming 78% of Republicans chose Israel, with 21% choosing the Palestinians or both/neither/no opinion. Among Democrats, a bare majority of 53% chose Israel, with 47% choosing otherwise. Among Independents, support for Israel was 56% with 44% choosing otherwise.

Democrats hate to talk about this — but it has been true for a while that the Republican party, in general, is much more supportive of Israel than the Democrats.

Democrats like Debbie Wasserman-Schultz try to obfuscate this fact, by declaring that Republicans should not make support for Israel a political issue. She recently said this about the GOP Presidential candidates:

Because they know they can’t attract voters with their domestic policy, Republicans turn to Israel and attempt to make the Jewish state a partisan issue as a last ditch attempt to sway the Jewish community’s vote…Let me be clear: As an American Jewish leader, I am extremely proud of President Barack Obama’s ongoing commitment to Israel.

That Wasserman-Schultz is “extremely proud” of Obama’s commitment to Israel tells American voters everything they need to know about the Democrats’ support for Israel. Schultz would rather shill for her party’s leader than tell the truth about the major rift that has grown between America and Israel ever since Obama took office.

Why shouldn’t Republicans point out the statistics above? If Wasserman-Schultz wished to put the fate of Israel above protecting her party, she would do the same thing.

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