Hey everybody, @Soledad_OBrien wants us to stop tweeting her, asking when she's going to apologize to @JoelPollak and his wife.

Sorry, Soledad. Your attack on Breitbart editor Joel Pollak has deservedly blown up in your face.

O’Brien has doubled down rather than repairing what’s left of her reputation, bringing on a professor who has written that Derrick Bell’s critical race theory is about white supremacy, to explain now that it has nothing whatsoever to do with white supremacy.


Here’s one reason all this obscure stuff about an obscure professor is important. Derrick Bell’s critical race theory posits that racial reconciliation is impossible. Not difficult or improbable, but impossible. As in, it can’t be done.

Young Barack Obama wanted people to “open their hearts and minds” to Bell’s ideas. That’s what he said in that video. He associated with Bell until the professor’s death in 2011. Does Barack Obama agree that racial reconciliation is impossible, as Derrick Bell believed? That idea certainly wasn’t in the hopenchange stew he sold us in 2008.

If Obama does believe that, the country has a right to know. And if he doesn’t, it has a right to know why he associated himself with Bell. And Jeremiah Wright…for decades.


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